Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

The weather in St. Louis the past few days has been unseasonably cool, as well as a stark contrast from last year's unseasonably warm -- nay, HOT -- temps. So after brunch with friends, I grabbed the hubster and we rode our bikes to Grant's Trail. Hubby made it through most of the trail (he rides a little faster than I do -- different type of bike and more gears) and I turned around about a mile before the end so we'd get home around the same time (I caught him a block from our house).

Grant's Trail is great. It runs through South St. Louis City and County past, among other things, Reavis Barracks and Grant's Farm. Grant's Farm is where Anheuser-Busch's Clydesdales are raised and bred! (A-B makes Budweiser beer, just in case somehow that fact escaped your knowledge.) We also passed some softball fields. The trail has a ton of access points, so if you live within a few miles of it and want a safe and fantastic stretch to ride, check it out! I'd love to see more trails like this connecting Clayton to various county neighborhoods. Biking is great, and that would give folks a safe way to try commuting.

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