Friday, November 22, 2013

Bike-related snippets!

Happy Friday morning!

Just a few little bits and pieces for today's entry.

First, this past Wednesday, the Great Rivers Greenway hosted a presentation about infrastructure in three bicycle-friendly cities. This was a busy week for me, though I thought I'd be able to go if I could get things squared at work last minute. Work cooperated, but the event was so popular that it sold out (and then some)! While I'm utterly bummed I could not attend, I am thrilled so many people are paying attention. If I can find a good report of the presentation among the blogs, I will post it here for you.

Second, have you seen this enchanting gif that shows just how much more road we need when we all drive cars? This is through the lens of promoting public transportation, but there are similar photos all over the web that show how many people or bicycles fit into a single parking spot for a car. What if just half of our roads - or even half of each road - was just for transportation other than cars? What if the bike lanes were the 9-15' of standard car lanes? Even half of that would be an improvement.

Photo Credit and additional info: The Atlantic

Third, last Saturday, I was able to pick up the Radish! It looks amazing. It needs a little tweaking at home (now that I can raise the seat, I want to raise the handlebars, and it needs a little love and oil in a couple of squeaky spots). Here's the updated Motobecane:

I love improvements that simultaneously change everything and look like they could have always been there. I've decided to hold off on updating the Trek for now. I'm struggling with some fit issues, and may want to keep a bike that's just light and easy to break down for quick trips or more rugged trails. I'll keep you posted. 

Fourth, and finally, I intend to take next Friday off, as it is our families' big Thanksgiving weekend. My hubby and I are very lucky to have jobs that close for the long weekend, and we live within a few hours' drive of both families, so it's our one big holiday with our parents and siblings. Here's hoping you have at least the day off work, and a nudge in the direction of letting any consumerist tendencies wait until Small Business Saturday.

Of course, for any friends celebrating dual holidays this coming Thursday, Happy Thanksgivvikuh, enjoy lighting your Menurkeys, and thank you for bringing the world two amazing, amazing new words.  

Cheers, happy riding, and enjoy your holidays!


  1. I was bummed to see their "sold out" response. It WAS a packed room. I'm working on a post with my thoughts from the event, will probably be up on Monday.

  2. I spoke with the organizer at GRG, and they said they were full beyond capacity! I will link to your post when you have it up. Thanks, Melissa!


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