Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bicycles and the "Winter Breaking Point"

As a fair-weather cyclist, I've found this winter exceptionally difficult. I think starting this blog has exacerbated things, because as each Friday has rolled around, I've been a little more hard-pressed for blog material when I'm not riding much, if at all (my last ride was in early December; my schedule, daylight, and nice weather have not cooperated to make room for a ride since then - ouf).

And today, they are calling for another 6-8" of snow in our area, with another 1" of ice. Which makes me feel a lot like this:


So, I'm going to listen to the weather and hunker down for a little while longer. No matter how bleak the weather, and how short the days, they are getting longer, and spring is just a few weeks away. A week from tomorrow marks the return of Daylight Savings Time, which, with sunsets currently stretching to 5:30 p.m. and beyond, means riding to work will be an option when mild mid-week weather presents itself. So the riding posts will begin again, and I can start blogging about bicycling again, and soon.

Someday, this winter will. end.


  1. Monday and Tuesday of next week are looking pretty good!

  2. Yes! And days get an hour longer on Sunday, too. I so hope this cold goes away before then. I'm so ready to get back on a bike!


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